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It doesn’t cost anything to sign up for the swap, but you do have to officially register for it! If you want to participate, you will need to answer the questions below and click “Add to Cart”.

What is a mini gift swap? It’s pretty simple! Make a gift, send the gift, get one in return. It’s a fun way to continue the retreat after it ends, and make a new friend from somewhere else. You’ll have until September 30 to make & mail your gift, so please don’t sign up if you can’t meet that date.

We have ideas and more detailed information inside the attendee area. If you’re not sure you want to sign up, skip this section, read about it afterward, and come back to sign up if you decide later you want to participate (swap signups close on September 15). We’ll assign swap buddies after this date.

May we share your name, email, and mailing address with your swap partner? * 

If you do not agree to this, you cannot be matched to a partner.

Are you willing to ship internationally? * 

Do you have pets in your household? * 

Do you prefer to receive gifts from someone without pets? * 

Please tell us what preferences you have for color, style, pattern, size, and anything else you want to give your partner guidance on. * 

Are you willing to be a Swap Angel? * 

Swap Angels are called into action to make gifts in the event someone drops out or doesn’t send their gift. Swap Angels would be notified on October 2 and have until October 16 to mail the replacement gift.

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