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Do you want a private room to use as a home-base for you and your friends during the retreat? Then a private room is for you!

We just need you to name your room and tell us who should be included in the room. Only ONE person in your group needs to do this.

No one will be able to see your room if they aren’t on your list. It’s a great way to retreat within the retreat!

While we can accommodate private rooms of any size, your best audio and visual experience will be around 6-8 people simultaneously sharing.

If you don’t have all the names now, you will have until September 15 to make adjustments. You will need your Order # to request a change (this is on the receipt which is emailed to you or you can find it under My Account > Orders.) You can access the Change Request Form here.

What is the name of your Private Room? * 

You must enter at least one name. If you want to change the room participants, you have until September 15th to submit your request.

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