Security Statement on Zoom

No doubt, Zoom has been in the news! And you’re probably wondering why we’re using Zoom if it has security vulnerabilities.

Here’s the thing: the vast majority of security incidents that have happened with Zoom were caused by meeting Hosts compromising their own accounts.

Meeting hosts did not have the right account settings and allowed anonymous users to automatically join their meeting. They have also posted their Zoom links on social media and on public-facing websites. This enabled hackers to join their meetings and take over the screen and essentially hijack the meetings. No data was compromised.

We did a lot of investigation into features and security, and we feel extremely confident in Zoom delivering on both fronts. It’s the #1 meeting platform used by thousands of companies, including Fortune 500 corporations. It’s the only tool that met our stringent requirements.

Our Zoom account is configured to protect everyone in four ways:

  • We require participants to authenticate by having an account on Zoom, which matches their account on Retreat from Home, so no anonymous users can join.
  • We require a unique password on all our retreat meetings and our meeting links are only available to registered attendees. (You will receive these details after you register)
  • We enabled a Meeting Lobby, so you are only allowed in if you are on the list of attendees. While this can slow the entry to the retreat a little (it’s like having a bouncer checking IDs at a popular bar) we know that having multiple layers of security is the best protection.
  • We are using unique links for each day of the retreat.

In addition, Zoom has made global account changes by requiring all meetings to have a meeting password. Passwords don’t help though, if the meeting links are posted publicly.

You can do your part to keep our retreat secure and free of hackers by keeping our retreat details confidential. Please do not share our Zoom links with anyone, and certainly don’t post them anywhere that someone could gain unauthorized access.

We hope that this puts your mind at ease knowing that we have done everything possible to make sure you have a great experience.